We are excited to announce our newest product line: the Grillo walk-behind two wheel tractor!  This class of machine is also known as the walking tractor.  For those of you who are not familiar with these awesome pieces of equipment, you are in for a treat.  Essentially, they are a wheel driven power source with a power take/off and are used to power dozens of attachments.  They have fully reversible handlebars that allow a single unit to power front mounted attachments for blading, raking, mowing, sweeping  and snow blowing.  And rear mounted attachments for soil working. 

The beauty of these jewels is their affordability, small size, maintenance of a single engine, durability and incredible versatility.  You can garden, maintain your property, make hay, split wood, wash your car or house, or even power your refrigerator, freezer and well during a power outage.  And much more, with just one machine and the appropriate attachments.  We also offer a full line of attachments.

In the US, the two wheel tractor was introduced by Gravely in 1911.  By the 1970s , large-scale commercial farming nearly put an end to the small farm and the need for small equipment.  The last walking tractor made in the USA was sold in 2014.  

In Europe, the small, family farm continued to thrive and so did the walking tractor.  At one time, not so long ago, there were more than a dozen manufacturers of walking tractors in Italy, alone.  The Italians continue to lead the world market for this equipment.  Their tractors are known for quality and long service life.

You guessed it; the Grillo walking tractor is made in Cesena, Italy.  And the company has 60+ years of experience manufacturing these machines.  Most attachments are manufactured in Italy, as well.  Having said that, the U. S. distributor for the tractors and attachments manufactures several, high quality, attachments here in the states..  These tractors are easy to operate, reliable and if well maintained, and will last 20 to 30 years, or longer in a non-commercial setting.  They are available with Honda and Kohler gas engines and Kohler diesel engines.

A Grillo 110D with enough attachments to meet most needs on the hobby farm will cost about the same as a subcompact tractor with no attachments.  The tractor and attachments can be stored in your garage or a small shed.

If you would like to learn more about our Grillo line, please email or call.  We would love to hear from you!